GEO4 Services Inc. is a privately held and diversified service provider.

Using specialized equipment and expertise, we install conduit(s), drainage or raceway(s) for electrical, communication systems, vapor extraction wells
and utility systems when a less disruptive method is desired.

We work for and are recommended by government agencies, utility companies, developers, general contractors, management associations, engineers
and real estate companies.

We strive for superior quality, value and integrity. Our mission is to ensure the successful completion of your project while being environmentally conscious
and economically feasible with a focus on project safety.

Services provided include:

  • Gas line Installation
  • Water line installation
  • Private Utility Locates
  • Storm Drain Services
  • Conduit Installation
  • SWPPP Implementation
  • Fiber and Cable Placement & Installation
  • Erosion Control
  • Electrical
  • Site inspections
  • EV Charge Station Installation
  • BMP Maintenance
  • Vapor extraction well placement
  • BMP installation
  • Remedial wells
  • Third Party Service Reporting
  • Other Maintenance Services

    We are committed to utilizing new technologies as they become available to reduce our footprint, minimizing the impact to local and global environment
    and help achieve sustainable goals.

    Please contact us and we'll be happy to show you exactly how we can apply our services to your industry need.