Geo4 Services Inc. offers a complete maintenance & compliance plan for various types of stormwater filtration systems.

Our customized full service program includes the following components GEO4 will perform:

  • Detailed site maps depicting each storm drain's GPS coordinate location
  • Inspection and maintenance of the stormwater filtration system and related recommendations
  • Electronic copies of our comprehensive service reports including before and after photos
  • Transportation and proper disposal/recycling of collected waste
  • Educational documentation and training on stormwater maintenance and related services performed

GEO4 Services Inc. provides maintenance services of the following stormwater filtration devices:

  • Catch basin filters
  • Roof drain/ down spout filtration systems
  • Bio-retention filtration systems
  • Vegetation filtration systems
  • Underground stormwater vault systems
  • Other stormwater run-off collection devices
GEO-4 Services